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Birthdate:May 14
Mouse is from the TV series ReBoot, and is the property of Mainframe Entertainment. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Mouse has the dubious distinction of being the only non-viral dataform to make the Guardian Collective's Top Ten Most Wanted list - although according to some of the rumors going around about her, she's not entirely non-viral. Or she's part Web creature, or an ex-codemaster. She will not confirm or deny any of these rumors.

In User terms, Mouse is around 5'8". Her skin is lavender purple, while her hair is bright red shot through with sparkling golden static. On her shoulders are pale, intricate spiral tattoos, and there is another tattoo on her brow, temples and around her eyes, which are reddish-brown. Her canine teeth are a little longer and sharper than those of most sprites, giving them a distinctly fanglike quality. She's got a gorgeous face, drop-deleted sexy figure and a honeyed Southern belle voice to match, all of which serve to make her that much more dangerous.

Armed with a pair of samurai swords, a stasis ring and an unequaled ability to surmount every known security measure imaginable, Mouse established her reputation as the Net's preeminent hacker, wreaking havoc for fun and profit. She came very close to hacking the Supercomputer itself, but was thwarted by a Guardian Cadet named Bob, who she happened to be dating at the time: she should have known better than to mix work and pleasure. Over the course of subsequent hours (that is, years), they encountered each other a few more times, and though they were generally working on opposite sides, a mutual sense of respect - and a peculiar kind of friendship - developed between them.

They developed a permanent alliance when Mouse, dispatched by Prime Guardian Turbo to Bob's home system of Mainframe to hunt for a Web creature, discovered that the protocol for such a crisis was to obliterate the system. She helped Bob prevent Mainframe from being destroyed, and later joined the Mainframers in their struggle against the virus Megabyte. During that time, she also closed off Mainframe's connection to the Net and hid the system from the supervirus Daemon.

Now, Mouse is more or less one of the good guys, although she would never describe herself as "good." And, unfortunately for her many male admirers, she's currently going steady with a Web Surfer named Ray Tracer, although that doesn't mean she's not up for a bit of flirting.

Mouse's mun is [info]miss_yt.
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